Undoudtedly, stained glass windows are a valuable part of our heritage and the maintenance of them assures their beauty for future generations.

Some of the more called for services are as follows:

All large leaded stained glass windows require steel reinforcement bracing to support the weight of the window and to help keep it straight and unbending. Older stained glass windows frequently require repair to their original bracing or additional supplemental bracing. We try to keep the bracing uniform and logical in appearance for both immediate and long term needs of the window.

Bulge Straightening

The bending, bowing, puffing, or “bulging” of a stained glass window is the loss of vertical alignment of the glass panel when weight loads of the window shift. Left unattended the bulges will usually worsen, causing the cracking or shattering of glass and pressuring the lead joints to stretch and break. We carefully correct the window bulges and their causes: we remedy improper weight loads, insufficient bracing, defective leading etc.

Glass Replacement

Backed by factory support, we use great care in getting the best possible match for your stained glass replacements. We also specialize in the replacement of hand-painted and kiln-fired memorial plates, decorative pieces, and figural elements.


Stained glass windows derive much of their strength from the cement grout which fills in the lead tracks around the glass edges. Driving rains, time, and the extremes of temperature cause a loss of the waterproofing cement – especially on the exterior side. The process of re-cementing replaces missing window grout, refurbishes the lead, and restores the shine to the window.


In this process the stained glass window is completely dismantled. The broken and mismatched glass is replaced. The window is completely rebuilt with new lead.

Doubleglazed Vent frames with screen

Easy to open and close. It holds the stained glass and the storm glass: available in project in or project out – with thermal break.

PERMANENT PROTECTIVE STORM WINDOWS By O’Brien Stained Glass Co. prevent damage by weather, accident, and vandalism, as well as saving church dollars spent on maintenance, heating, and cooling. Featuring:

**** Thorough attention to pre-installation details on the existing stained glass windows including stained glass repair and maintenance, wood repair and painting, cleaning and polishing.

**** Custom sizing and shaping of frames to fit any opening and blend in with any architectural style. Vented aluminum framing materials in painted or anodized finish made especially for the stained glass coverings.

**** Storm panels of thick clear glass for timeless good appearance. Tempered glass, acrylic, and thermal panes as the setting dictates.

**** “Brick to Brick” method of covering reduces weathering and maintenance on stained glass frames.

**** Long life exterior silicone sealers. Non-acidic and masonry safe.

**** While working on your job site your church is protected by public liability insurance, workmen’s comp insurance, with two million dollars general liability insurance.

**** Timely, personal and professional service.

We Guarantee all workmanship and material on your job to be free from defect or OSG will replace or repair any part of the product that fails to perform properly at no charge to your church for 2 years. Our work is performed to provide lasting service over many decades. Call-backs on defects are extremely rare.

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