SS John & Paul Church
Altoona, IA

This window about 8′ in diameter is located on a NW wall 15 feet above the altar. This is the first church in the United States where Pope John Paul led a worship service.

While there he left his papal banner as a memento and keepsake to them.

Over twenty years later this suburban church expanded and the stained glass window was commissioned based upon the design of the papal banner. The central cross carries the ridges and furrows of farm fields traced and fired in with black paint. The four seasons are represented by their dominant colors.

The Rollingstone, MN

Office windows of O‘Brien Stained Glass Co. Inc.,  104 Cleveland Street, Rollingstone, MN.

Bethesda Lutheran Church

The design shown above was suggested in concept form by Bethesda Lutheran.

It was adapted and fabricated by O’Brien Stained Glass.

Excerpt from Bethesda Lutheran Church:

“The expertise and cooperation in working within our budget and installation difficulties was so appreciated. …
They are beautiful inside and outside at day or at night with a simplicity of form that supports worship….
While we considered many talented studios, I do not see how we could have done better than working with the experience
and resources of O’Brien Stained Glass Co….”

Mary Hieber, Liturgy Committee, December 2005